New vegetative Roofing in Buffalo, NY

Murray Roofing COMPANY INC's Skyscape Vegetative Roof System

Finally, a hassle-free way to select, install and maintain a brand new vegetative roof. As part of our commitment to sustainable, environmentally responsible products, Firestone Building Products is proud to introduce the new SkyScape Vegetative Roof System. This high-quality, easy-to-install system helps lower building heating and cooling costs, protects roofing material from UV and heat stress (thermal) degradation, and can even extend the working life of a roof system. Firestone provides full training to our network of certified Firestone Contractors to assure that each SkyScape system is properly installed for optimal system performance and protected by Firestone’s Red Shield® Warranty.

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Your New Vegetative Roofing System

Skyscape is a fully interconnected vegetative roof system.The patented double interlocking SkyScape trays allow the system to be quickly installed and easily maintained.The durable modular tray design allows for good airflow, irrigation and storm water management throughout the vegetative system. SkyScape is designed to promote healthy plant growth ensuring a long-lasting vegetative roof. The SkyScape multi-layer system design mitigates wind uplift and integrates seamlessly with multiple roofing systems. Perfect for commercial and industrial roofing, vegetative roof systems allow large amounts of unused space to harvest natural potential and beauty. You'll love your new vegetative roof. 

The System Benefits

When thinking about installing a new roof, it is important to consider all the benefits. When it comes to the SkyScape Vegetative Roof System, the benefits seem endless. Your new vegetative roof will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Provides year-round energy savings
  • Extends life of the roof membrane
  • Reduces heat-island effect
  • Mitigates the effect of storm water runoff on municipal systems Reduces ambient noise
  • Creates wildlife habitat
  • Contributes to a LEED®-certified green building project
  • Qualifies for up to a 30-year Firestone Red Shield Warranty

Multiple planting options—one great warranty that covers everything.

Firestone combines the science of horticulture with storm water management and roofing to provide a wide range of vegetative roof options tailored to your building needs.