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Ballasted Membrane Roof System

Industrial Roofing & Curb Blasting Buffalo NY

A loose laid “ballasted” membrane roof is the most economical of all the EPDM systems.
A single ply membrane covers the insulation. A ballast of river-worn stone is them applied.
A ballast system allows for thicker insulation and larger membrane sheets with fewer seams, covering greater areas more quickly and efficiently.


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Infrared Surveys

We provide state of the art Infrared surveys of your roof to locate damaged insulation. This is an economical, nondestructive inspection that allows investigation of every square inch of your roof and below its surface. For more information, give us a call today or check out more on our website today!.




Commercial Reroofing in Buffalo, NY Flat Roof in Buffalo, NY
Infared Surveys of Flat Roofs | Buffalo, NY Flat Roof in Buffalo, NY
Commercial & Industrial Roofing in Buffalo, NY Flat Roof in Buffalo, NY Infrared Image

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Vegetative Roof System

Vegetative Reroofing in Buffalo, NY

This high-quality, easy-to-install system helps lower building heating and cooling costs, protects roofing material from UV and heat stress (thermal) degradation, and can even extend the working life of a roof system. Click here to Read More


New Commercial Vegetative Roofing Buffalo NY


Fully Adhered

This roofing system features a lightweight, wind resistance single ply EPDM membrane fully adhered with bonding adhesive to the insulation.

The membrane itself weighs less than one-half pound per square foot and provides strong resistance to tears, punctures, and abrasions.

Mechanically Attached

This is an alternative lightweight system that is attached to the roof deck using plates and batten bars with fasteners.

Curb Flashing

Curb Flashing is necessary to protect your roof from the elements. Learn more about Curb Flashing at Murray Roofing. 



Our employees are trained to follow OSHA's compliance guide lines to meet your safety requirements. We provide full personal protective and fall restrain equipment at each project.

Our Safety Director will inspect each job to maintain a safe workplace for the customer and roofer.