Ballasted Membrane Roof System

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For your New or Reroofing Needs

Beginning in the 1970’s, the ballasted roof system began becoming popular as a viable roofing option. The roofing system depends on the weight of stone, at least 10 pounds per square foot, to hold down a roofing membrane. Because there is no need for cutting strips or making divisions within the membrane, it is stronger against wind and other forces that could damage it. It also can provide more insulation – like a blanket covering the entire building.

The edges of this membrane are, of course, sealed and waterproofed in order to support the edges. The center of the membrane, however, is only held down by the stones.

Because the membrane for the roof is held down by stones only, it can save a lot of money on the adhesive materials used in other roofing methods. Labor costs can be less for this type of roofing too, making this an economic and helpful way of reroofing your business.

Ballasted Membrane Roof Systems evolved over the 1980’s into another service Murray Roofing offers, Vegetative Roof Design, replacing the stones with soil and plants.

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